Creating a happy, productive and visual company culture


“Creating a successful company culture is hard work. So how can we achieve it?” – This was our main thought when we started this project and as result, a unified way to present Usabilla core values.

  We wanted to give the values a playful and organic approach in order to make it easy for employees to see throughout the office and to reflect on them in an engaging way.

Concept, Research, Graphic Design, Branding and UI.
Michelly Sugui – Designer
Marco Ferraz – Designer
Lana Miller – Brand & Content Manager 
Where it all started
Usabilla had some initial values but with the company growing so fast, it was important to inject the fun startup feeling they always celebrated.   We made some internal surveys to collect and update the general feeling of the employees, making sure they would reflect their business values.   From that, we created 5 posters, where each is represented. Our main idea that they had to be fun in order to be engaging proved correct, employees loved them. After this was time to explore how we could implement this concept around the office.

Who doesn't love a nice set of stickers?

We also made jumpers, so employees could be well wrapped in the cold.

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