Responsive desktop and mobile concept layout for finding the perfect meeting room


Deskbookers is a company that facilitates the process of booking a meeting room or working space. Their website is visited by new and returning users, so my assignment was to give their homepage a lasting impression. This was achieved by structuring their UI style guide with a grid, color, and font system. The result is a clean and user-friendly homepage.

Visual Design, Wireframing, Interface Design and Prototyping.
For this project, I worked alone developing the visual system.
Grid system
The grid system is composed of 8 flexible columns. Each box has an outside border of 15px, that results in a 30px gutter between columns. Therefore, even though the columns are fluid, the gutter remains constant.
Color scheme
Since the project needed both corporate and dynamic tone, I chose a simple but effective color palette.

The greens and the blues give it a fresh feel, while the greys and browns add to a more corporate look.
Solei font family
Soleil was designed by Wolfgang Homola. It is a geometric sans serif typeface with some asymmetrical counters, making it look more contemporary; the perfect choice for the Deskbookers site.
The assignment
The nice thing about this project was that, after the UX was solved, I had total creative freedom.

Unfortunately, the project was not implemented as it was a job pitch and other reasons were involved. However, I definitely had fun with it!

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