Wondering how much a pixel weighs


Presented here is the outcome of a very personal project developed during my masters at the Sandberg Instituut, featuring my love for paintings. The main question was: could a digital simulation of a painting be as real as the painting object itself?

This project later became a book and it displays a material research into the question of why some paintings activate our nervous system and as well as why some images activate our attention in a monitor. Could it be possible to create a relationship between these two contrasting worlds?

Research, Concept, Material Research, Photography, Book Design, Visual Design.
I worked on the design from concept to final delivery. A very big thanks to all mentors from Material Utopias, at the Sandberg Institute.
I started out collecting common shapes used in User Interface libraries and started building them as real prototypes covered with white textured paint. These prototypes were photographed one by one and it became a foundation of a digital library of shapes.

Once the library was set, it was just a matter of importing the shapes to photoshop, coloring them, then starting to play in a similar way as I would as a with a real painting.
'The weight of a pixel', an artist's book, including the text “How much does a pixel weigh” and 17 simulations of paintings. - Edition of 5. Signed and numbered copies.

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