Maturing the communication of a homepage for a famous feedback company


Usabilla is a Dutch software company and their focus is the voice of the customer. They are developing a new way of giving feedback, making the optimisation of digital channels easy. As a fast-growing company in the b2b market, my mission was to review the entire branding and visual identity of the marketing website to make it more consistent with the new backend application. In doing so, giving a more mature tone while also providing a visual evolution of their digital brand guidelines.

Interaction design, Interface design, Personas, Prototyping, Usability testing, Wireframes and Visual Design.
Michelly Sugui - Designer
David Hildering - Front End Developer Lana Miller - Content Manager

Since the old design had never been touch in the last two years a lot of the visuals were outdated. However, users were already familiarised with the IA of this kind of landing page homepage and getting them to switch to an entirely new system  wouldn't be an option. It was clear though that we needed to stand by the users and work hard to figure out how to improve the experience while keeping natural for them.

You can check the old layout here 
Usabilla is a powerful and very complex product. Our challenge was to make the information more accessible, to simplify the approach and to put the features forward. A range of illustrations were created with the intention of making their website playful and more visually appealing.
Carrousel animation
This animation was another example of how to make the information more accessible. To communicate how can give and collect feedback on digital platforms, we created a carousel featuring some of the feedback users could potentially give. All was built with CSS, by David Hildering.
Final thoughts
Rebuild Usabilla's core marketing website is still an ongoing project and the main focus, for now, was to improve the pages with higher traffic in order to validate the assumptions about the visual changes we made.

The next steps are to continually iterate with this new visual evolution and to further test and improve the whole website.

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